- Looks like it's time for another GameSetCompetition, and this one's fun if you're a reality TV show fan - or just enjoy warbling drunkenly and have England people called Simon berate you (and really, who wouldn't?)

The nice folks at Konami are giving away a T-shirt and a copy of Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol for PlayStation 2 plus microphone, the latest in the Karaoke Revolution series, to one lucky GSW reader, as part of a promo related to their virtual American Idol contest at MusicInEveryDirection.com (which, incidentally, is a cute catch-all URL for the Bemani games).

Basically: "Aspiring crooners in select markets across the country had the chance to try out the upcoming Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol video game and compete for a chance to win 2 tickets to a live taping of the American Idol television show. Over 500 contestants took the stage. 10 Finalists were chosen. But there can only be 1 Champion. Watch the finalists' performances and rate the videos to determine who will win the contest."

I had a quick look, and most of the finalists seem pitched right between William Hung and Kelly Clarkson, disappointingly - no extremes! But you can go ridicule them if you want. Here's the question:

"Which UK-headquartered publisher published the (sorry, not actually very good!) previous video game based on American Idol?"

Please send your answers to [email protected] any time before Thursday, December 28th at 12 noon PST. There will be one winner randomly picked from the correct answers, the judges' decision is final, and that's that. Have fun!

[Oh, and while we're talking Bemani, I was in a GameStop retail store earlier and noticed that the U.S. version of Beatmania for PS2 is now just $29.99 new there, including the controller - which is a great price if you can find stores that still stock it. According to the clerk at my GameStop, a couple came in and bought both copies at the reduced price - damn you, obsessive Bemani couple!]