- Though the first official announcement (which will include the 'mysterious' keynote speaker!) is a couple of weeks away, we've posted a preliminary version of the 2007 Independent Games Summit schedule up on the GDC site, with lotsa info about the CMP-organized summit, which takes place on Monday and Tuesday, March 5th and 6th 2007 during the tutorial daysGDC in San Fran.

(The Summit is semi-tied to the 2007 Independent Games Festival, which is open Wednesday March 7th through Friday March 9th, also at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and will have a Pavilion with playable versions of lots of this year's best indie games (announcement on IGF Main Competition finalists will be this Saturday, watch out for it!), as well as the glittering IGF Awards on the Wednesday evening of GDC.)

Not quite everything is locked down (keynote announcement and some other specific lectures and panel info to follow, and some of the lecture descriptions are preliminary!), but we're trying to make it as constructive and relevant as possible for indies. There's too much to mention here, but for starters, I like the look of the Innovation in Indie Games panel with Kyle Gabler, Experimental Gameplay Workshop; Jenova Chen, ThatGameCompany (fl0w); Jon Mak, Queasy Games (Everyday Shooter); Jon Blow, Number-None (Braid) with moderator Steve Swink, Flashbang Studios.

There's also Eric Zimmerman of Gamelab (Diner Dash) talking about 'The Casual Cash Cow', Daniel James (Puzzle Pirates, Bang! Howdy) on the indie MMO, John Baez of The Behemoth (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers) on business smarts in 'The Indie MBA', plus postmortems of titles including XBLA fave Small Arms, Telltale's episodic titles like Sam & Max, and on the student end of things, Narbacular Drop's shift to become Valve's puzzle FPS Portal. Also a talk on Cloud, and indie retail, and platform gatekeepers for major console/PC types, and an ending uber-indie talk with representatives from Introversion and Manifesto Games - it's gonna be a blast, and thanks to Matt Wegner and Steve Swink for helping me to put the line-up together.

[One note - if you want to go, I would recommend signing up earlier, because we have a room capacity and people with some of the larger GDC passes can also sign up to attend, so I want to make sure the actual indies who intend to attend can sign up before cut-off, if we have to stop registration for capacity reasons.]