-Over at the site that we actually run while we secretly steal away to post on GSW, Gamasutra, we've opened a new poll for the 'Quantum Leap' award for 2006. What that? Well, read on, and you'll find out!

"Following the successes of the the first 'Quantum Leap' award, for the FPS, the the second, for the RPG, and the third, for storytelling, Gamasutra readers are invited to participate in this poll, which will pick the games that have advanced the state of the art in 2006.

Your pick for the award can be in any genre (from text adventure through action title to RPG or sim and beyond) and for any platform. But it must have been released in North America from January 1st, 2006 to date, and should be the single game that you think has advanced the video game genre the most - rather than more polished but more incremental milestones in gaming.

(Please give some detail as to exactly why your voted game in question is 2006's biggest Quantum Leap in gaming. You can use MetaCritic search or GameRankings search to remind you of some of the top games or to check their eligibility, if you're stuck for choice.)

Thus, the question, which can be answered at the official Question Of The Week page until December 12th, is: "Which video game has made the biggest 'quantum leap' in 2006, in terms of innovation and advancing the state of the art of the industry?"

As with the previous questions, the best responses will be compiled into an article to be published on the site, and users can either respond publically, with their name and company specifically cited, or anonymize their answers if they wish."