- No, really! We heard about this on the grapevine last week, but apparently, it's all kinda 'official' - Wired News' Chris 'Cholera' Kohler has revealed an editor kidnapping of sorts.

He explains: "You might have noticed that five minutes ago, Eliza Gauger -- ex. of Kotaku, now of Wired's very own Game|Life -- made her inaugural posting. She'll be writing mainly on virtual worlds, MMOs, and fat British kids. Take a moment to welcome her to the team."

Not only that, but a team of hardened ex-Kotaku-ites such as Joel Johnson look to be expanding the Wired tech blogs in a hardcore manner, apparently to become third in an unholy semi-journalist (joke!) triumvirate that also includes Gawker Media and Weblogs Inc./AOL. We're pretty sure this also involves the pyramid and eye on U.S. currency, and Leonardo Da Vinci drawings.

Part of this Conde Nast-ified guerrilla attack squad is now 'the artist formerly known as Florian Eckhardt', another Kotaku mainstay who is now blogging under his real name (!) at Wired News blog 'Table Of Malcontents'. Apparently, he was doing double duty at Consumerist all the way through his Kotaku stint. Oh, Florian, how could you cheat on us like this? We feel violated.

Still, as Eliza points out tartly: "What, you thought Florian was his real name?" Well, yeah, kinda, we forgot you don't have to sign your real name on the Internet! Eckhardt's goodbye message was buried in a Kotaku post last week: "Thanks for not disemboweling me when I, oh, suggested we nuke the Japanese to 'fix' whatever causes them to put used panty vending machines in airport bathrooms, or remarked that sometimes women just needed a little slap to keep them in line, or told Bruce Shelley I hated his games, or made an ass out of myself when I drunkenly approached Will Wright at a party." So no trolling there, then!