- Wow, we really haven't done a post about Weird Worlds in a little while - so it's good to see that innovative PC indie 'short game', which really does go about things in a very individualistic way, get a new upgrade.

It's explained: "Besides dozens of new things, tweaks and fixes --including many new features and commands for modders-- the Weird Worlds v1.2 upgrade adds another rare "main quest" (there are three main quests possible now) featuring a new disgusting alien race with challenging (and cool) new ship types. It also adds a powerful new Urluquai capital ship to the game."

But also (and I love niche mods, so this is great!): "Of special note to modders: For information about modding Weird Worlds, including the v1.2 changes and new commands, visit the The Modmaker's Guide to the Galaxy website. It's just been updated and all of the Weird Worlds modmaking goodness is there, including complete tutorials, example downloads and forum links."