- Nobody else is running with this story - and we don't know why! Here goes with the official PR release we got: "Newscasts have covered it, newspapers have written about it and photo desks have gone ga-ga over the big PS3 and Wii line-ups at local retailers. But, what about the other readily available alternatives that provide equal game value and come with a lower price tag?"

Where? Who? Why? "Take ZAPiT Games’ GAME WAVE for example. A new DVD entertainment system that interacts with up to six color-coded remote controls and allows for a big group to play together and against each other – all within the same room and at the same time. The GAME WAVE is the next-generation DVD board game experience – it combines the DVD technology and the richness of multimedia components with the traditional board game principle. Each player gets a remote (zapper) and no more waiting for their turns."

"The new twist on this DVD entertainment system is that families and friends actually come together, share a few laughs and INTERACT with each other. It restores the social dimension of video games. Game titles are stimulating to the brain – everything from trivia titles to word games that provide up to 25 hours of non-repeat fun each. And the price tag? A mere $99 for the console and $25 for the titles…and the GAME WAVE is also a regular DVD player." Yep, the future of gaming is color-coded TV remote controls - and don't you forget it!