- UK blog Rotational has linked to a 24-page supplement in the UK magazine the New Statesman that deals with the culture of video games - and quite fine it is, too.

The full PDF supplement talks about a bunch of neat topics, with Alice 'WonderlandBlog' Taylor talking about women and gaming, and an article about downloadable games (highlighting Miniclip.com), plus a bunch of other pieces - looks like it has a link to Nottingham Trent University and the GameCity festival in some way?

Sure, this is all for a slightly general interest audience, but it's well-written. The conclusion? "The UK video games industry is one of our creative strengths; it is the largest market for computer and video games in Europe and the third largest in the world, a position we need to consolidate." Go Go Brits! [The other New Statesman pictured, btw.]