- When it was originally announced, we ran a frenzied little news post on it, but there's no time like the present to re-remind you - New York City's Blip Festival, a celebration of chiptunes and retro bleep game-style music, is on Thursday, November 30 through Sunday, December 3.

The schedule for BlipFest is up on the official site, and the audio/visual line-ups looks unparalleled in the history of chiptunes - go visit 8BitPeoples for free downloads from a bunch of the musicians attending, if you haven't already. Wow, and Neil Voss, he of Tetrisphere N64 soundtrack cult fame, is doing a super-rare live set. You really should attend the event if you're anywhere near NY, for the love of all that is holy.

In addition, the Village Voice has just written up a preview of the event, explaining it rather neatly for the neophyte: "As cute as the source material may be, the music itself manages to transcend retrograde kitsch. Using custom-designed cartridges and programs to work the outdated sound cards and interfaces for all they're worth, these musicians graft chunky blocks of melody and low-tech programmed percussion onto recognizable songforms, effecting a diversity most wouldn't think possible with the gear's spare palette. [Performers range from] from Bubblyfish's moody melodies to Raboto's acid-techno-inspired Game Boy squelches or the propulsive melodic bounce of Nullsleep."