- Damion Schubert over at Zen Of Design has linked up a hilarious chain of events involving a TV ad that the Rooster Teeth folks (of Red Vs. Blue machinima fame) did for Madden on the PS3, and then some extremely wack fallout that followed it. We'll have Schubert explain things:

"1. The Red vs. Blue team makes a commercial for Madden, which shows a digitized Dallas Clark, tight end for the Indianapolis Colts, getting decleated repeatedly, and in slow motion.

2. Dallas Clark reports to the local media that it’s humiliating, and that guys in the locker room are razzing him for it.

3. The Red vs. Blue team apologizes and offers a Director’s Cut, in which Dallas Clark is portrayed as a minor god."

As Schubert says: "I swear, I love living in the digital age." We completely agree. Also, those Rooster Teeth folks are pretty funny, even when it's humor about football. Surprising!