- Groovy, baby! RetroBlast! has a handy post up pointing to the announcement of the JVL Retro countertop, which brings the arcade game community back to the future!

The RetroBlast guys note: "The design of this unit is really something else and when I say it's retro, I mean that in a late 30's early 40's sort of way. This thing would have been retro when most of us were still watching the Dukes of Hazzard on Saturday night." Wow, that really takes us back (not very far!)

Apparently: "While the styling is superbly classic, the innards are all business. The unit sports a 17" LCD monitor and multicolor perimeter lighting with 145 games available. The unit can also be used with the Touch Tunes service for your jukebox needs." And most importantly, it plays PuzzLoop/Zuma clones!