- We've previously run items on the Game On video game exhibition, which has been everywhere from San Joe to Chicago and Seattle in recent months, and has now wended its way back to the Science Museum in London.

We've shown lots of pictures of this before, but the new version has some great new wall friezes from Jon Burgerman, whom we've previously covered his European-exclusive add-on tracks for PSP game Wipeout Pure - and blogger GagaMan has a big gallery of pics from the exhibit.

He noted of the exhibit: "There was more that just button bashing and joystick wiggling to be had, though. There was also artwork all other the place, with the star of the show being all these wall paintings by an illustrator who goes by the name of Jon Bugerman, including a loooong video game history time line.Also featured were pieces of original artwork by the creators of Mario and Sonic, cels and production art from Don Bluth's Dragon's lair, and concept art from the likes of Monkey Island, Jak + Daxter and the Sims." It's on 'til Feb. 25th 2007 in the UK, so go peep it if you get a chance! [Via The Dreamcast Junkyard.]