- Knowing my predilection for things GameTap, I got a nice note from the folks behind 'Angled Whiteboards', described as "a blog about designing GameTap and all the fun stuff we uncover along the way."

It also came with a brief explanation from 'xamount', the chap in question: "My fellow UX designer and I just started up a non-Turner-sponsored, unofficial blog about designing GameTap called Angled Whiteboards. The main content centers around our design process, but we throw in the random gaming and other related stuff along the way."

There's some cool stuff about usability in here, from discussions on how to design a 'Challenge' screen for the service, all the way to how GameTap's IM functionality was integrated - all with actual design pictures from actual whiteboards. This seems selfless rather than promotional, and so for sharing such knowledge, GSW salutes thee!