- So we did a brief Gamasutra report on Game Developers Conference Mobile 2007, which will be held in San Francisco in March 2007, and "will bring together publishers, traditional platform game developers, handset manufacturers, aggregators, and operators to discuss the opportunities, challenges and viability in the space."

Thus: "Representatives from companies such as Sony Pictures Digital, Microsoft, I-Play, Digital Chocolate, GameEvil, Mofactor, G3 Studios, RealNetworks, Nvidia, ATI, Qualcomm, ARM Ltd., Texas Instruments, Ericcson, and Motorola" - all pretty normal.

But the big, somewhat unnoticed news seems to be a GDC mobile lecture called 'Guitar Hero Mobile: A Blockbuster Comes to the Little Screen', revealing cellphone SKUs for Harmonix's smash hit rhythm game.

Yep, apparently cellphone developer SONiVOX is bringing Guitar Hero to your mobile phone, and apparently the lecture "discusses how issues were dealt with in order to maximize the Guitar Hero experience for mobile handsets, such as synchronizing user input with rhythmic consideration and addressing how to create and maintain the multiple business relationships necessary to obtain licensing." But when, pray, is the game due?