- Poking around by clicking through on some of GSW's Google Adwords, we came across the Chinese mobile phone distributor Fugu Mobile, whose _awesomely named_ 'Lyiboila Petrolova, Oil Baroness' is available for free on the GameJump page.

Really, how can we resist a title explained as follows: "The anarchy following the breakup of the Soviet Union led to the rise of some unlikely oligarchs. The most unlikely of them all LUYBOILA PETROLOVA, a former porn star turned Oil Baroness with oil fields from the Balkans to Siberia. Help her consolidate her empire by connecting pipelines from her fields to oil hungry countries across the world."? And yes, you must "Lay the pipeline from the Tarim Basin to oil hungry China", for example!

Actually, a bunch of Fugu Mobile's games are highly wacky, including Press 5 Murder, where you skewer Simon Cowell, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, and Michael Jackson to a dartboard.

There are also some _really_ interesting choices of war settings, presumably due to a Chinese developer's different world view, including Battleline Okinawa, in which you're shooting down Japanese kamikaze pilots, Battle For The River Kwai, and The Infiltrator, where you must infiltrate a "50 mega-watt nuclear reactor" in North Korea and blow it up.