- What's the first thing that you associate with Game Developers Conference 2007? It's haiku, right? Right! That's just why the GDC organizers (who sit across the hall from us, and we glower at them occasionally!) have set up 'a "Contemporary English Haiku" competition' for GDC 2007.

It's explained: "The theme of your Haiku has to be about your experiences at or in relation to the GDC", and "What you get: 1. GDC 2006 Audio Recordings CD set 2. Free annual subscription to Game Developer magazine's Digital Edition 3. Pride in knowing you're the best."

OK, we'll try first. 'GDC makes me feel fuzzy. Strange feelings in head. Like making out with Will Wright in a grain elevator'. Hm, might have been a few too many syllables, but we're pretty sure it gets the spirit of GDC across. Oh, but you can do better? Let's see you try!