- NCS continues to provide the snappiest write-ups for import video game goods around - and the latest is the new Winning Eleven-themed Nintendo DS Lite, and it's... odd.

As they note: "Someone used the top of a jet black Nintendo DS Lite as a soccer play scribble pad and lucky consumers get to pay a dear price for the gold-inked chicken scratches, arrows, circles, and the occasional text such as "Goal!" and "Jockeying." NCS' collective opinion is that the unit looks a frightful mess but there might be an audience for such a stylized rendition of the DS Lite. "

Of course: "The Winning Eleven DS Lite Bundle includes a copy of the Winning Eleven DS game and the special Nintendo DS Lite unit" - so I guess you get a fun game of soccer with your odd hardware purchase. Anyone got any nominations for an odder/plan weirder limited-edition hardware bundle decoration?