- Matt Barton at Armchair Arcade seems to be somewhat on my wavelength, and in his latest post, he deconstructs FTL's awesome dungeon crawler, 'Dungeon Master', which was "released in 1987 for the Atari ST and a year later for the Amiga."

Firstly, Barton notes: "One thing I can definitely say about Dungeon Master is that it remains quite playable even in 2006. This is one of those rare titles that can really get its hooks into you. At first, the game is only just interesting enough to keep you playing for a few more minutes--the old, "just a bit more, then I'll go do something else" vibe. However, once you start leveling up and getting a feel for how the game works, you're in the for the long haul."

Barton concludes: "In the end, what's so impressive about Dungeon Master is what's relatively unimpressive about the many CRPGs that follow it--they've barely innovated on the paradigm set by FTL in 1987! Indeed, I've seen plenty of modern games fall short of the standard set by Dungeon Master (Ruins of Myth Drannor, anyone?). Although it's not without its flaws, a CRPG designer could do worse than to carefully study FTL's interface." The game was, and is awesome.