- The rather fun game theorist Matteo Bittanti has been experimenting with PlanetWide Media's Comic Book Creator - a wacky application that allows you to create 'gamics' - comics using video game screenshots, basically.

Bittanti reveals: "For my first experiments, I decided to cut-and-paste various popular artifacts. "F.E.A.R. I.K.E.A." (Download FearIkea.pdf) combines the fetish for IKEA's catalog with Monolith's awesome FPS. "CRASH" (Download crash.pdf) is what happens when you play too much Burnout while reading JG Ballard's stories; "WAR/GAMES" is about the ideology of games (Download WarAndGames.pdf), while "SIM-BAUDRILLARD" (Download SimBaudrillard.pdf) is about... well, you get the drift, right?" We particularly like F.E.A.R. I.K.E.A., but Sim Baudrillard (pictured!) is also spicy.

[A side note - Comic Book Creator, uhh, creator PlanetWide Media recently renamed to avoid any video game mention in their name at all - I'm guessing their previously announced MMOs have pretty much officially crashed and burned. Shame - an extreme sports MMO kinda sounded like a good idea. Kinda. Also, we have a printout from a RYL Hollywood party (which we didn't go to!) here in the Gama offices with Pauly Shore holding up a RYL retail box. Yeah, it's that kinda company.]