robot7.jpg We just got a note from Wired's games editor Chris Baker, explaining: "Wired just unveiled our presence inside of Second Life: From 4-7 pm PST this Saturday [tomorrow], we'll be hosting an open house at our presence in the game."

What's more, there's musical accompaniment: "Mike Relm, The Kleptones and Planet Boelex will be spinning. Please stop by before you head out for the evening! (If you're east of California, just cancel your plans and sit at home in front of the computer!)" [Full disclosure - Planet Boelex records for my CC-licensed online label Monotonik, and I helped set up this peculiarly virtual gig for him]

Oh, and the article explains: "You will notice that our virtual offices bear a striking resemblance to the innards of a computer. You'll probably wonder whether our brick-and-mortar offices also resemble circuit boards and have gigantic serial ports sticking out the back. In fact, no, our real world habitat is much more quotidian – a cubicle is a cubicle is a cubicle. But when we commissioned the highly inventive virtual architects at Millions of Us to create the Second Life Wired Offices, we figured, why let Newtonian physics get in our way?"

Fun, though I wonder what people will think of this in 10 years - true metaverse predecessor or forgotten backwater?