dung9.png Armchair Arcade is ratcheting up the geek to Warp 9 or so with a neat review of DynaMicro's The Dungeons of Daggorath for the Tandy CoCo, circa 1982 - pretty sure we didn't have these in the UK, so it's fun to read about them.

Matt Barton explains: "Essentially, DoD is a game in the tradition of first-person "D&D" games in the vein of Richard Garriot's Akalabeth (1980, Apple II) and Sir-Tech's Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (1981, Apple II)", and continues: "I must say that I'm impressed with the title--and can easily see why the game has managed to retain such a devoted cult following that's lasted nearly a quarter of a century. So, what makes the game so great? What I want to talk about here are three features--the immensity of the game world, the intensity of the action, and the creative use of sound."

The most impressive thing: "As I mentioned at the start of this review, the DoD fan community is still going strong. There's even an official discussion board and Wiki for the game. Folks who don't want to muck about with a CoCo emulator can download an enhanced PC Port, and there has even been an effort to get the game working in a Web Browser (Note: I wasn't able to get the browser version to work)."