oilgod.jpg That lovable newsgaming rascal Ian Bogost has mailed us to reveal: "My studio Persuasive Games has released Oil God, the latest game in the ongoing Arcade Wire series of newsgames, published by Addicting Games and Shockwave.com."

What's going on here, then? "You are an Oil God! Wreak havoc on the world's oil supplies by unleashing war and disaster. Bend governments and economies to your will to alter trade practices. Your goal? Double consumer gasoline prices in five years using whatever means necessary: start wars, overthrow leaders, spawn natural disasters — even beckon the assistance of extra-terrestrial overlords. The game explores the relationship between gas prices, geopolitics, and oil profits." Fun stuff.

Oh yeah, we should also point out that we've recruited Bogost and his Watercooler Games compatriot Gonzalo Frasca to write columns for our Serious Games Source website. Bogost's most recent column talks about Darfur Is Dying, comparing some of the gameplay to E.T for the Atari 2600 (!), and Frasca just put one up discussing the Zidane headbutt Flash game, and why it shows games can be important even when they're not that fun. Go check 'em.