ric0.gif The guys at Reflexive Games, who both operate a casual game portal and make neeto titles such as Wik: The Fable Of Souls, have a wacky blog on their site, and I just noticed they've been making up limericks around casual games - which is funny!

For example, for Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, we have: "This room is full of many things, Though the owner is not a king, Each item I find, Helps me solve the crime; If only I could spy the ring." Wait, that's terrible! But it gets even worse, with a song pastiche for Ricochet surely the only Beatles ripoff ode to a Breakout clone we've heard... ever.

Altogether now:

(to the music of The Beatles' Yesterday)

I first spied you in the month of May,
Now I think about you everyday,
Oh, I won't leave my Ricochet.

My ball has gotten away from me,
Flown past my paddle and ceased to be,
Oh, Ricochet come back to me."

A commenter also boasts: "I once did something like this, only it was an ode to the Nintendo 64 to the tune of the Beatles song "When I'm 64"" Ugh, this is all raaaather painful, in a deliciously masochistic way.