robot7.jpg The wizards over at NeoGAF have spotted some screenshots and info on PS3 e-distribution titles, apparently released somewhat inadvertently ahead of Sony's PS3 press day in San Francisco this Thursday, and there's some neat XBLA-like stuff on there.

In terms of first-party titles, there's Blast Factor, which "brings together “old school” and “new school” arcade action" in a way not unreminiscent of titles such as Geometry Wars - also profiled is the previously mentioned fl0w, and there are screenshots for Go Sudoku (heh, continuing Sudoku's takeover of the woorld!), Lemmings 2 (yay, classic puzzle suicide action!), and the as yet completely undocumented Swizzleblock.

Also listed for PS3 e-distribution: third-party titles including Gripshift (Sidhe's under-rated PSP title coming to PS3), and the relatively unknown Crash Carnage Chaos and Wheel of Fortune (OK, we can guess what that last one is!) Anyhow, it's nice to finally know what PS3 will initially have for digital downloads.