fsaab.jpg Unfortunately somewhat reduced in importance from its heights, GameSpy still puts out some useful editorial - and sometimes some plain odd editorial, as evidenced by their latest 'Modify' mods column, talking about mods for Flight Sim 2004.

Witness: "Blu-Sky Mine Productions' latest Saab 2000 passenger plane is one of the sweetest Flight Sim 2004 aircraft add-ons I've seen in a long time. Not all that surprising really; the New Zealand-based development team, headed up by Dan Mitchell, is one of the most respected FlightSim 2004 freeware aircraft builders around."

I just find it fascinating (and even a bit laudable!) to have a mainstream game site covering this type of thing: "Released to great fanfare late last year, version 1.0 of the Saab 2000 (since updated to version 1.1) bleeds craftsmanship... Bonus features include a proper pushback tug for backing out of jetway ramps, animated passenger and cargo doors, passenger airstairs, and even some wheel chocks, flagging tape and cones for extended parking stints (unfortunately, the wheel chocks don't actually work, so you'll still need to apply the parking brake)." Hah.