- You may remember, back at TGS, we covered the chiptune concert at the D4 Enterprise booth, partly to promote the 1-chip MSX and D4's digital download services.

Well, now the company's European counterpart, Bazix, has announced the launch of a digital download platform named Woomb.net, which offers legal downloads of localized MSX titles, at prices that seem to be around 8-9 euros ($10-$11) per game - it all runs through a custom launcher, though, so I'm not sure you get get ROMs, as such.

The press release explains: "At its start, WOOMB.net already offers several titles licensed from D4 Enterprise, such as Aleste (Power Strike), the Golvellius and Hydlide series, Laydock and Zanac. "Many Japanese software producers like Compile, Microcabin and T&E Soft are enthusiastic about the network and have already joined in", says Bart Schouten of Bazix, "Our goal is to add a large selection of classic games from Europe and the USA to WOOMB.net and Amusement Center as well.""