robot7.jpg Since I'm sure you guys all watch MTV's TRL a lot, you'll be pleased to know that gritty sarf London grime star Lady Sovereign is currently at #1 on the countdown with her debut single for Def Jam, 'Love Me Or Hate Me'.

You can basically think of Sov ('Make way for the S O V' is her clarion call, and don't you forget it!) as a sarcastic, tiny female version of Eminem - or that's how the new video is making her look. But the reason it's mentioned here is that the vid for 'Love Me Or Hate Me' (YouTube link, NSFW-ish swearing) features such a bleeptastic beat, courtesy of NYC producer Dr. Luke, that the video director has dumped Tetris blocks into the bridging parts of the vid. Lady Sov is gradually built up of these self-same Tetris blocks, and then dances around saying cheeky stuff - yay.

[Oh, and bonus terrible Tetris soundtrack-related fun while we're here - while I couldn't find the original music vid, I found a Final Fantasy vs. Dr. Spin fan video on YouTube, and, HANG ON, wait a minute, the BBC has a RealPlayer clip of the terrible novelty techno song (which Andrew Lloyd-Webber executive produced) being performed on Top Of The Pops, complete with dancers in Tetris uniforms. YAY!]