bminer.jpg We've previously reported on the storied heritage of Cryptic Sea's 'Blast Miner' - a physics-based indie puzzle game from some of the folks who created the awesome Gish.

Well, now the official site has added a public demo of the title, complete with a slightly pithy public FAQ ('Q: So this is just a Tetris rip-off, right? A: Play the demo. Q: ? A: Play the demo.), and you can already buy the full game as well - hopefully they get good distribution for the game as well as doing the own-selling thing.

Also, I shall repeat what I said last time: "Check out the demo video - I'm excited to play this, esp. if it ever got on Xbox Live Arcade (please?) - oh, and the weird non-physics-like effects in the vid are when the blocks are being manipulated by the player, btw." [Via IndyGamer.]