tjtj.jpg UK game journo veteran and Gamasutra columnist Jim Rossignol has updated his personal blog with a pretty astounding regional magazine cover - and we thank him for it!

He explains plaintively: "Game magazine cover of the decade? And yes, this is the actual cover of the current version of PC Gamer on sale in Russia and Ukraine." The cover shows an intensely scary communist skull type thing, with the text 'You Are Empty: Straight Outta Kiev', and then some Cyrillic which we understand not, even though Game Developer magazine has a Russian version, yay.

All we do know is that You Are Empty is the name of a Russian developed FPS title, which includes outlandish claims on its official website like "Realistic physics engine and sophisticated AI system... Distinctive and lively characters", haw - whoa, and bizarre zombie nurses, according to the official gallery. We're scared.