robot7.jpg Another of our favorite niche blogs, The Dreamcast Junkyard, has posted a list of the 10 most infuriating Dreamcast games ever, and it's filled with delectable, succulent frustration of all varieties.

Right up there at #2 is 4 Wheel Thunder from Midway: "As an arcade racer, 4 Wheel Thunder ticks all the right boxes. Awesome visuals, wank rock soundtrack, bouncy controls, nitro boosts, hills, jumps, shortcuts - it's all here; but therein lies the reason behind 4WT's ascent to the penultimate spot in this run down of the most blood-vessel busting Dreamcast software: the reliance on short-cuts and nitro boosts in order to win." Aha!

But the absolute top frustration, and no doubt the source of some 'OMG' type noises from some, is Soul Calibur, and it's explained: "No matter how good you think you are at Soul Calibur, someone who has never even seen a Dreamcast before can shuffle along, pick up a pad...AND KICK YOUR ARSE! AAAAARGH!" You know - I do believe that this man is right. Much love!