robot7.jpg Wait, an opportunity to use a picture of the crashed Gizmondo Ferrari Enzo again? Excellent! According to ABC 7 News in Los Angeles, the trial of Stefan Eriksson will commence later this week, but the real news is about Dietrich.

You guys remember Dietrich, right? He was the alleged driver of the car which, supercharged on loot from the tragically failed handheld, smashed into a pole on the Pacific Coast Highway at about 8 zillion miles an hour. Well, now, according to ABC News: "[Eriksson] initially told investigators that he was not driving the car, but later admitted that he had been behind the wheel. The two misdemeanor DUI counts stem from that crash."

Wait, so does this mean that Dietrich was in the passenger seat? Or just standing at the side of the road watching? We refuse to believe that he doesn't exist. Maybe Eriksson was talking to Dietrich on the phone and Dietrich was telling him how fast to drive? Must be something like that.

Anyhow, the AP further notes that there's been a trial delay, and the reason was: "A witness from a British lending institution "was in a horrible accident and was unable to travel right now."" Uck, hopefully no conspiracy here, and that's not funny, so we can't make any more Gizmondo jokes related to it.