ghostngob.jpg You may remember last week's GSW competition to win Capcom's somewhat controversial PSP title Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins, a title that I'm still excited to play (when I have a chance!), despite some radically opposing reviews.

Well, Jeremy 'Toastyfrog' Parish gets two thumbs up from us for actually entering the competition, after his review of the game (also for other Ziff outlets) made people actually RIOT ON THE STREETS. His reason for needing a copy of the game?
"Please let me win! I need something I can set fire to." No luck, Parish, the random finger of winningness hasn't picked you, so there will be no UMD bonfire today.

But these lucky fellows did indeed win the game, and have to promise not to burn it: James Dernak (also known as Dernak The Destroyer Of Worlds), Matt Harper (who has a really silly email address), and Chris Lops (does he walk Lops-sided?)

Incidentally, here's the Q and A for the terminally non-geeky:

Q: "What slightly insane, pig and pink hair-inclusive PlayStation platform game series did Tokuro Fujiwara mastermind after leaving Capcom and before returning to captain the latest Ghosts 'N Goblins title?"
A: Tomba (or Tombi in Europe, thanks pedants!)