robot7.jpg The indie-loving folks at PC online store/community Manifesto Games have announced a fascinating-sounding IRC chat sponsored by them, and taking place next Wednesday.

It's explained: "We all love games, but it hard enough to agree on what makes a good game without bringing art into the discussion. And yet, that's just what Manifesto Games will do this coming Wednesday, October 25 at 6:00 PM PST. The newly launched, maverick independent game site will host and sponsor a panel discussion on video and computer games and their relationship to art."

But who's jawing about it? "Panelists include influential author Henry Jenkins, Danish academic Jesper Juul and game designer Eric Zimmerman, and the chat can be accessed at, at the channel #gamesandart. It's also "...expected to be the first in a series of IRC panels Manifesto Games plans to offer" - looking forward to more!