robot7.jpg Looks like the folks at G4 took a jaunt over to Nolan Bushnell's new uWink restaurant in Woodland Hills, California the other day, catching the 'restaurant of the future' on opening day.

As they explain: "Alissa Bushnell--who is Nolan's daughter, by the way, and one of the first testers of Pong, so as a videogame-head, you should bown down and kiss her feet--assured us her restaurant is not a cyber cafe full of Counter Strike players. "All the games are casual. None takes longer than 2-3 minutes to play.""

We covered this a little bit the other day, but it's good to get some hands-on info: "Probably the application for all this tech that I was most intrigued with was the group trivia. Table-runners light up with different colors, creating teams who then compete in casual games. Very, very cool." Neat idea - sounds like there will be some more of these opening soon in California.