robot7.jpg [This is a special GSW guest post by John Andersen, who has written some neat arcade-related features for Gamasutra, and passes along this fun tidbit. Ta!]

Have a longing to play Asteroids, Burgertime, Space Invaders or Street Fighter II CE just as you did in your local arcade back in the day? If so, the Chicago Gaming Company has a new consumer product on sale exclusively at Costco in North America, complete with authentic arcade controls (and even a trackball as well!). It's for the classic arcade game enthusiast, and right in time for the holidays. You don't even need any quarters or tokens to demo it either.

Ultimate Arcade 2 (here's a game flyer) has shipped to Costco Wholesale Club locations across the nation. It showcases 100 playable games exclusively licensed from Atari, Capcom, Exidy, G-mode (owners of the Data East library), Irem, and Taito for play on the unit. Although this toy for grown-ups has quite the grown-up price ($1995.00), it's a pretty good bargain considering this is a 300 pound quality constructed cabinet standing 70 inches tall, holding a 23" viewable monitor, with 100 playable arcade game classics, some of which haven't been available for years (Moon Patrol anyone?).

Other UA2 games worth mentioning are Cobra Command from Data East (G-mode), Kung-Fu Master from Irem, Joust from Midway, Bubble Bobble from Taito among many others. Click here to look at the unit and full list of games. Some may mistake UA2 for something that should belong in an arcade, but this machine is intended for homes and commercial use is not allowed since the coin door is permanently deactivated, so make some space in that gameroom of yours.

Ultimate Arcade 2 is a follow-up to the first Costco exclusive Ultimate Arcade product released in the 4th quarter of 2005. Ultimate Arcade 2 will soon be available for order online from, however its predecessor is still available for home delivery on the site. A vice-president at Chicago Gaming Company promises there is more to come as new game licenses are being signed up for future arcade products. We'll certainly keep an eye and ear out, meanwhile we'll be heading down to our local Costco for a little Elevator Action and some bulk-buy pizza rolls.