uwinkit.jpg There's just no getting around how adorably old-man-crazy Nolan 'Atari/Chuck E Cheese' Bushnell is, and thus we got a press release that "announces that the first uWink restaurant will open Monday, October 16th, in Woodland Hills, California", featuring his latest spin on the video gaming diner.

As the PR explains: "uWink is an entirely new restaurant concept that combines food, drinks, and media -- inviting guests to eat, drink and engage at the same time, from their tables via touch screens." At one point, I thought there were going to be honest-to-goodness robots all over the place, but seems like this info page on the uWink site explains most of the goodness, as does the press on the uWink blog.

The LA Daily News piece cited there explains it best: "Customers order food and drink on touch-screen computers built into their tables. Diners who want extra cheese on their pizza or a sandwich sans mustard can modify their order via the computer, which also makes cocktail recommendations based on a personality quiz... While waiting for meals, customers can play games on the table computers. The games are not free, but diners earn credits as their tab rises. If folks just want to play games, rates vary between $4 and $8 an hour."