robot7.jpg Indie mainstay GameTunnel has just posted a fun interview with Mr. Robot co-creator Nick Tipping, discussing the upcoming "platform hopping, adventure battling, and even RPG alternate-mode-ing" indie title with the co-founder of Starscape developers Moonpod Games.

These guys are some of the sharpest indie development ninjas we've seen, as evidenced by the following: "The great thing about the Mr. Robot back end, is its 'building block' system for creating levels. We use it like a gameplay laboratory; if something comes out of a brainstorming session then we can rapidly test it out and see if it's actually fun. It's a bit like having a playground of lego sets in a game engine environment. As for ideas we've prototyped by their nature they are quite hard to quantify (otherwise we wouldn't need to prototype them)."

Tipping concludes: "But we've tested out various gameplay from physics based puzzles (but where the physics are a completely invented set of rules from another dimension!) to turn based dungeon rpgs (mainly testing a bizarre battle system Mark came up with) and my personal favourite: a game that looks on the surface a bit like gauntlet, but is more akin to games like paradroid and quazzatron and mixes time based puzzles directly into the action." Damn, I guess all these ideas won't make it into the final game, but the title (due out before Xmas on PC) sounds very intriguing.