- Over at Videoludica, looks like Matteo Bittanti has interviewed German video game artist Aram Bartholl, and it's kinda fun, if a bit overly erudite.

Bartholl explains at one point: "I want to share a story about the project "de_dust" [a large number of various sized stacked crates arranged in a cluster. All the crates are printed with the same imitation wood texture from the computer game Counter-Strike.]"

He goes on: "About a month ago I received an email from Chris Ashton, a game developer of Turtle Rock Studios, who told me that he really liked my work. The funny thing is that he was the artist who created all the textures for the map "de_dust" back in the days when the mod was developed. Isn't that amazing? The guy who digitized and photo-shopped some wood pictures into a game which became a staple for an entire generation contacts me, the person who brought these wood pixels back to the real world. In other words, the circle is now complete." It's so beautiful!