robot7.jpg For some reason, I was poking around Ragnar Tornquist's blog the other day (he being the creator of notable Funcom games including The Longest Journey and Dreamfall), and spotted a eBay auction reference.

Believe it or not, Funcom marketing, back in September, were auctioning off Conan's gigantic ceremonial throne, created to promote the company's forthcoming single-player/MMO hybrid Age Of Conan - starting bid just $500, though at 1400 pounds, including crates, it might be a little pricey to ship!

They explain the item: "The official “Age of Conan” throne, created and designed by McFarlane Toys –fashioned after their KING CONAN OF AQUILONIA, deluxe boxed set. The throne made it’s debut at the 2005 E3 convention in Los Angeles and has been on display around the world to promote Funcom’s upcoming game “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures”.

In any case, the tragedy appears to have been that the auction was finished prematurely with no winner: "The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken." Do you think Funcom lost the throne behind the couch, or did Arnold Schwarzenegger slip in and make them an offer they couldn't refuse?