evda.jpg Over at sister site Gamasutra, the ever-ready Alistair Wallis has been conducting a bunch of neat interviews with Independent Games Festival entrants for this year [disclaimer: I'm the IGF Chairman, but you knew that anyhow], and I realized I hadn't pointed them out on GSW - so now I am!

Most recently, Alistair has quizzed Jonathan Mak on Everyday Shooter, which is, fascinatingly, something "...like a compilation album, made up of different shooters inspired by anything from games like Warning Forever and Every Extend to the film Porco Rosso".

Before that, lots more innovative indie interviews - Prairie Games on the MMO Minions Of Mirth, Vision Videogames on SpaceStationSim, Stephen Taylor on the swirly Plasma Pong, Klei Entertainment discussing smart puzzler Eets, Pixeljam chatting about Gamma Bros, and Dan Marshall ruminating on Gibbage. Yay.