robot7.jpg It's tragic, but people kinda forget to cover arcade game show in the U.S. nowadays. But not RetroBlast!, fortunately, which has a nice write-up of the 2006 AMOA show in Las Vegas up on its site.

There's even some arcade stuff in here we haven't really seen before "Sega had one of the larger booths with some fancy games on display. I had a chance to sit inside the jeep/cockpit of the game ‘Let’s Go Jungle’ which had two machine guns mounted inside and allowed for players to storm their way through the jungle fighting off hoards of bugs and other monsters as the camera panned and swished through the forest." Oo, look, ArcadeFlyers has a flyer scan of it with lots more info.

Also noted: "Before wrapping up at the Sega booth I got a look at the new ‘After Burner’ game. The original ‘After Burner’ sit-down game was one of my favorites as a kid." Haven't seen this in the wild yet, but System16 has some pics of the game, which is called After Burner Climax (something UK Resistance has already made a joke about, we're pretty sure, or we dreamt it.)