Another email to GSW worth reprinting, from some Montreal-based game developers looking to do the indie thing for fun: "My Montreal colleagues and I have formed a group here to promote experimental gameplay, and games as art, called Kokoromi ("experiment" in Japanese)."

It's explained: "For our first project, we're throwing an event called GAMMA (Game Art Montreal), to be held during the Montreal International Game Summit and the Festival Arcadia. Our goal is to publicly showcase the potential of indie and "small games" as an artistic and cultural medium. And we'd like you to be a part of it!

"During the next two months, you are invited to develop a small PC game that responds to a particular design challenge (which I'll explain in a sec). In early November, we'll debut all the finished games at a city-wide social event (aka insane dance party) to coincide with the two consecutive Montreal conferences."

The folks behind GAMMA, which include Heather Kelley, Phil Fish, and Damien Di Fede, explain:"You are invited to create a game that translates a live audio stream into realtime game elements and gameplay. At the GAMMA event, the live music (DJs, bands) will be fed into the games to trigger the game content, and the partygoers will play the games live on large screens. Thus, gamers as VJs!" Interested parties can go to the GAMMA forums to say hi and sign up - we look forward to seeing the results of this boogiedown.