store National Console Support , who’ve been at it since “spring or summer of 1989”, have just started a blog detailing their day to day sales and incoming stock, and it’s a pretty interesting read.

Aside from being a good way to get a hold of – and keep up with – import titles, there’s plenty of game related merchandise to spend your hard earned cash on. Of course, there’s the regulation very, very creepy DOA 3D breast mousepads, and even-creepier life size cushions and towels, but it’s evened out with some slightly less anti-social stuff too.

Still on cushions, there’s these Mario themed ones, or, even cooler, this Mario coin block that actually makes a noise when you hit it. Joy!

Personally, though, I’ve got my heart set on the pictured Chocobo plush, which ties in to the upcoming DS title Chocobo and the Magical Picturebook - which also has the most hypnotically entertaining website ever.

Just thinking about holding that toy while looking at the site makes my bitter black heart melt. Awwww.

[edited by alistairw]