Over at the super-fun Aeropause, there's what is simply described as 'An Interview With A Cheater' - someone playing Halo 2 online who can't resist cheating (by modding his Xbox, presumably).

So, Aero got him to talk about his fabulous cheating life, and boy, it's a little bit sh*tc*ck: "I play BF2 and some Counter Strike. I cheat at both but it’s hard to get away with in Counter Strike. People who play CS are such babies about that stuff. The other players are just jealous p***ys who wish they had the ability to cheat."

But wait, there's more, as he, uhm, complains about Bungie for letting him cheat and/or catching him: "Wow, I have been kicked off XBL at least 10 times, I have to be careful now because there are no more 2 month cards floating around. The people at Bungie are the worst. How can they complain about people like me. They should have built a anti-cheating engine in the game to prevent it. Its not my fault that modders cheat." Oh, Internet, what hath thou wrought?