The folks over at RetroBlast dropped us a note about their wacky new retro competition, and since it's actually pretty geekyfun, we thought we'd pass it on to the faithful GameSetWatch readership.

It's explained: "Hey guys, James McGovern here from I just wanted to let you know about a contest we are running this month asking readers to produce Video Game and Pinball Motivational Posters. Below you will find a link to the gallery so far, the original contest announcement, and a flickr tool that allows you to easily create your own posters."

The original post says: "The arcade champions of yesterday are the lawyers, doctors, engineers, tradesmen and women, and business professionsals of today. In this capacity, most of us, at one time or another have seen the very cheesy "inspirational posters" tacked up in offices all over the world that display a supposeldly motivational image and message that I suppose is intended to make us feel inspired while working in our little section of the Death Star. Frankly, I can't stand them and I know others feel the same way. These then will be the target format for our video and arcade game parody!" A good start is 'Respect', perhaps!