The mysterious and possibly certifiable 'Big G' has re-appeared, with his concept for what he considers the most evil 'survival horror' game concept of all time - a video game version of being forced to shop at U.S. retail emporium Bed, Bath & Beyond.

His intro explains it well: "Hell is a popular setting for video games. From the Doom series to Devil May Cry, everyone's least favorite afterlife destination has had its share of digital representations. Let's face it – so far, the video game representations of the unimaginable horror have been lacking in authenticity. Never have I been exposed to something frightening and painful that I have had to turn the game off in order to prevent soiling myself. The typical portrayal of hell is similar to Dante's Inferno. Although it is a classic work of literature, no literary scholar is going to argue that Dante really went on a journey to hell."

It's further mused: "Relying on the Inferno's fictional imagery is a crutch that prevents game makers from creating a vision so horrifying that gamers may suffer from heart attacks. That is why I present to you my personal vision of the unspeakable evil that is hell: Bed, Bath and Beyond." What's your own vision of hell that isn't, uhh, actually inferno-like? Robot hell not counted.