[This is cross-posted from Insert Credit, where I very occasionally turn up to post something that Brandon said he was going to post but didn't. Like this one!]

IC regular Professor Scissors has posted the full version of Zombie City Tactics, his game which he describes as "a turn-based strategy game about outsmarting and defeating massively superior enemy forces... perhaps!" Sure, the art is a little programmer-y, but the gameplay is present and correct, so you should check it out.

Also, the good Prof says: "If you want to you can also mention that I am looking for brave warriors to be artists and musicians and stuff for my next project", which appears to be Zombie City Survivors, which "is going to take some elements from Zombie City Tactics, Fire Emblem, Resident Evil, and an obscure freeware Gameboy Color demo called Hungry are the Dead." Sounds yummy.