Wow - we just got a note from artist and designer John Freeborn about his awesome new Flash game, 'Skatefall', which is, obviously enough, "a game mashup of Pitfall with skateboarding", and "inspired by Dave Crane, of course."

The info page for the free-to-play Flash game reveals: "This game has been in and out of the works for over two years. I am proud to say it is done. Skatefall!, inspired by David Crane’s Pitfall!, with 255 screens, many gold bars, silver bars and more to collect. This game also has a scoreboard, so you can see where you rank."

Playing it briefly, its 'Pitfall on wheels' game play also reminded me of Namco's Metro Cross, and we note that John has also been making Nintendo Wii icons for Mac OS X, so really, there's no excuse not to go try out his game now, right?