Rely on TIGSource to dig out some of the cooler indie games around - they've now spotted the return of some indie greats, and they note: "I was wondering what artist/game designer Edmund McMillan was up to after finishing Gish. Apparently he ran off with a few Chronic Logic members to start up Cryptic Sea."

Derek Yu claims: "Their first game, Blast Miner, looks pretty lackluster for someone with an imagination like Edmund’s. I mean… it’s Tetris, right? With physics and stuff. I dunno." Well, I disagree lots, check out the video - I'm excited to play this, esp. if it ever got on Xbox Live Arcade (please?) - oh, and the weird non-physics-like effects in the vid are when the blocks are being manipulated by the player, btw.

The boy Yu also notes: "On the other hand, project number two – Book of Knots – sounds freaking awesome and I wish they’d stop working on Blast Miner and get going on that! C’mon now!" Well, we'd like them both at the same time, but hey, we don't think Cryptic Sea can reverse time just yet.