So, while we don't actually order import games too often, we still find New York-based National Console Support, Inc pretty much invaluable for good descriptions and info on the latest Japanese game imports - and we still love their breezy, sardonic text stylings.

So this week, there's some new neatness - particularly the debut of Wizardry Gaiden for PlayStation 2 from Taito, showing the continuing odd Japanese penchant for the classic Western RPG series - I previously remarked on a Japanese DS iteration of the game in an older GSW post.

NCS says of the title: "Anyone hankering for an RPG that looks and plays like something transplanted from 1988 is in luck. Wizardry Gaiden: Prisoners of the Battles is a visually stark adventure game that moves in stutter step and relies on text-based menus to execute attacks, manage inventory, and ration gold amongst party members." Old. School.

Also wonderfully released this week - Bomberman: Act Zero for Xbox 360. NCS notes: "Tasked with hardening Bomberman for the more mature audience of the Xbox 360, Hudson went with western comic book superhero sensibilities over Hello Kitty simplicity. Fast tracked to gritty evolution, Bomberman Act Zero features sleek warriors in glistening armor who battle in fast paced bouts of maze bombing action." This change of style is, much like Shadow The Hedgehog, much-derided in the West, of course.

A couple of other merchandise pieces popping up from NCS this week that are rather entertaining - some officially licensed Nintendo clocks - you know, like those ones people have on eBay, except actually nicely designed? And from Sega, though not particularly game-related, the Caltoy UJ turtles - "with bright colorful shells and simple faces that are reminiscent of a two-eyed potato." Oh Sega, you're sooo cuuuuute.