GSW and Gamasutra editor FrankC is a man of obscure game KNOWLEDGE, since he founded Lost Levels and is often to be seen drooling over a particularly obscure prototype - so we squealed when he pointed out a copy of 'Miss Peach World' for Famicom/NES, created by Hacker International, on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

Of course, when Googling for information on the game, the very first result is a page about the game from TSR, aka GSW's very own Kevin 'Mag Weasel' Gifford - showing that we know a scarily large amount of people with extremely obscure knowledge, perhaps. Frank already told us that the title, which is obviously Mario-aping in its artwork, is "a hack of Menace Beach, a Color Dreams game", and Kevin has more: "Oh no, it's Menace Beach! With Color Dreams' original cart, its rerelease in Sunday Funday and its rererelease in the Maxi-15 multicart, what may be the worst "made with pride in the USA" game ever now may be the most rereleased NES game ever!"

Kevin notes: "The only changes in this game are graphic ones. Although Hacker laid the Princess upon our eyes in the label, the game itself doesn't feature her. Instead it seems that Marilyn Monroe has quit her day job of being dead and joined the Skateboard Police to become a "Super LA Cop", along the way defeating kung-fu dudes, guys in T-shirts and the sumo wrestlers from the original game." And yes, the distinctly unlicensed game has got naked pixelated ladies in it, and actually has little/nothing graphical or gameplay connections with Mario, despite the cover art. Nuff said, really.